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"hellocha" Additive-Free 100% Fist Picking Quick Matcha / 30 aluminum sachets in Japanese art can.


This Quick Matcha is the highest quality of Matcha. It makes by exclusively first picking tea leaf of Gyokuro tea tree that part is only 10cm from tree top. It takes time and effort by manufacturing method of covered tea. You can be ingested rich nutritional ingredients as vitamins, chlorophylls, plant fibers, catechizes that's why possible to intake whole tea leaf. 

Natural with no added colors or flavorings, this Premium Japanese tea features a beautiful aroma and mellow, yet bold taste. Whole first picking tea leaves gives a rich and vibrant green infusion like no other. This the highest quality tea has a natural sweetness, it won’t taste bitter or harsh. It tastes smooth and has a natural, fresh, lasting green tea flavor.


Japanese pattern cans can be used in various ways after use. It is fun to collect as an accessory case and is also useful for gifts.


<Japanese pattern art can>

Shape: cylindrical height: 102 mm

Width: 67 mm

Material: Aluminum

Inner lid: Plastic recycled plastic


Matcha powder X 30 sachets (0.5g)


  • *写真はイメージです。価格は1缶あたりのものです。





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