awaia ankle warmer pair set (wool: black and acrylic: gray)


This product is manufactured on a special knitting machine owned by only one company in Japan. The technology of knitting while raising the fabric fibers creates a high fabric density and heat retention effect.

This knitting machine uses a special patented technology to raise the fibers, and it's resulting in less breakage of the fibers and excellent comfort and warmth. It is completely different from general fiber breaking methods.


"Wool-type products"
We use high-quality merino wool and do not feel the tingling sensation peculiar to wool. Please enjoy the gentle warmth and feel of natural materials. The part that touches the skin is 100% wool so you can wear it comfortably.


"About acrylic type products"

By using a lot of chemical fiber, it is highly effective in the durability and quick drying of the fabric. This is recommended for everyday activities such as yoga and training. There are many users who use the acrylic type for daytime activities and the wool type for relaxation at home or at bedtime.


*please note

It is a size that feels tight at the beginning of use, but please be assured that it will gradually become familiar.

<Notes on handling>
・ Please put the seam on the arch side.
・ Wash your hands in the washing machine using a hand or net.
・ Never use chlorinated detergent.
・ Due to the characteristics of the product, pills are generated by friction. Remove it with a hair removal machine without pulling.

awaia anklewarmer wool: black & acrylic: gray pair set

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  • <内容>
    ウール 77%
    ポリエステル 18%
    ポリウレタン 4%
    ナイロン 1%

    アクリル 70%
    ウール 16%
    ポリエステル 12%
    ポリウレタン 2%

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