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100% PURE


Tree Top of Gyokuro Tea Leaf Limited

(Only 10cm from the tree top)

Kunisaki Peninsula
Made in OITA



The highest prized tea sector of JGAP certified

Tea Plantation with Humbly Made

Globally Agricultural Heritage Area in OITA JAPAN

​"hellocha" is the highest quality GreenTea of Japanese Tea. It makes by exclusively first picking tea leaf of Gyokuro tea tree that part is only10cm from the tree top. It takes time and effort by manufacturing method of covered tea. You can be ingested rich nutritional ingredients as vitamins, chlorophylls, plant fibers, catechizes that's why possible to intake whole tea leaf. Natural with no added colors or flavorings, this Premium Japanese tea features a beautiful aroma and mellow, yet bold taste. Whole first picking tea leaves gives a rich and vibrant green infusion like no other. This the highest quality tea has a natural sweetness, it won’t taste bitter or harsh. It tastes smooth and has a natural, fresh, lasting green tea flavor.


"hellocha"is born in the biggest and established tea plantation that situated Globally Agricultural Heritage Area in Kunisaki Peninsula Oita Prefecture. The manufacturer are making it with love and effort in the vast nature.

The plantation also has certified the highest prized of tea sector JGAP at the very beginning in this country, and keep to control of any risks by based on strict criterion in this place. Therefore, we could say "hellocha" is the highest quality green tea in the world.