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Papaloha Ukulele from Hawaii


Alvin Okami

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Alvin Okami is the founder of KoAloha that a famous Hawaiian ukulele maker. He is still a master builder and a musician. Papaloha ukulele is a new ukulele brand by Uke S.A., headed by Alvin Okami (Pops KoAloha).


He makes ukuleles every day at the factory in Honolulu, Hawaii. When we have first met Mr. Okami in Hawaii, we were very impressed by the wonderful personality and his love of music.


Mr. Okami is a 77-year-old active legend master builder in this year. He also a Hawaiian music legend who has earned the reputation of many musicians who represent the US music scene, including Herb Ota and Jake Shimabukuro, as well as Ray Parker Jr.


Making a ukulele every day under the motto "Making Peace the world with the wonderful ukulele sound" and keep singing. Papaloha ukulele is a new ukulele bland that  we love so much.


My name is Alvin Okami but I’m also known as Papa KoAloha of KoAloha Ukulele in Honolulu, Hawaii. Allow me to offer an explanation regarding the reason behind starting the PAPALOHA brand since 2017.

For twenty-seven years, KoAloha has been handcrafting ukulele made from Koa wood. It is an expensive hardwood that is not as available as other hardwoods and this has always been a silent concern. I finally made the decision to find another hardwood that could be used if Koa wood becomes totally unavailable.


My search ended when I experimented and used spruce and pine together. Spruce wood is known throughout the world and recognized as perhaps the greatest tone wood for stringed instruments such as the violin. In fact, the greatest violin maker in the world Antonio Stradivarius utilized spruce wood for his violin faces. Spruce produces the richest sound quality that no other hardwood can match. Pine wood, on the other hand, is the exact opposite of spruce and has the reputation of being a poor quality wood and would never be used to make any kind of valued stringed instrument.


Pine wood is considered as the cheapest and least respected of all hardwoods. However, my experiments using pine and spruce together have shown that combining the richest tone wood with the poorest and least respected hardwood produced a sound that is unbelievable. This rich and poor collaboration produces such an incredible tone, volume and sustain. Equally impressive is the ease of fingering and strumming along with picking and plucking effortlessly.

A new horizon has opened up 


and I am so excited to share this new concept of Spruce and Pine partnership that will surprise, excite and delight your tactile and musical senses. You may very well end up playing your Wow or HUI for hours at a time. (At the very least)  You have my word and guarantee!

 Off course, I'm release high line Ukulele that made it by select Koa wood as POPS CUSTOM. These Pops Master Pieces such as CUSTOM PINEAPPLE SUNDAY and CUSTOM SCEPTER are so scarcity value in world wide market. Please try and enjoy to play real Hawaiian Special Ukuleles with your wonderful life.   

So welcome to the new vision and brand called PAPALOHA!

by Alvin Okami (Pops KoAloha)

About Ukuleles

Please visit here to


Pops KoAloha/ Love, This Is My Song
The details of the ukulele are different from the actual product.
Custom Pineapple Sunday by Pops KoAloha
The details of the ukuleles are different from the actual product.

【Important Notices】


1. The Papaloha brand product is a specialty ukulele developed and manufactured by UkeSA Llc. of Hawaii, USA. Alvin Okami himself produces a master build, so the number of production is extremely small, and each model of ukulele are with high quality and rarity.

2. Papaloha brand products have various variations. Therefore, it may be changed, modified or suspended without notice.

3. Sales prices may change without notice due to fluctuations in exchange rates, transportation charges, and raw material prices.

4. The grain pattern of product photos differs from the actual product because it varies depending on the material.

- Heads up -


The Papaloha brand products are available from the official website operated by M I X Inc. who is a total importer and distributor in Japan, as well as 7CAFE MARKET PLACE ( , and Shimamura Gakki, and Dr. Sound Acoustic (Kurosawa Gakki in a Ochanomizu Store : Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, Kanda Surugadai), also Ukulele planet (Ochanomizu station square store) each domestic regular dealer will be sold only.

Please pay attention to fake products, fraud sites and phishing sites that have nothing to do with Papaloha brand products.

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